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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flash:Light by Nuit Blanche New York 2011: images of the event and "Let Us Make Cake" video

On May 7 Nuit Blanche New York presented Flash:Light, a major art event that took place on Mulberry Street and Bowery, NY.

Now you can watch some of images from the event that gathered the general public and art lovers in this part of the city.

The video "Let Us Make Cake", a 20-minute loop projection-mapped footage resulting from the collaboration between Nuit Blanche New York and Light Harvest Studios, was shown on the 174-foot façade of the New Museum (235 Bowery).

Let Us Make Cake (New Museum, NYC) from Nuit Blanche New York on Vimeo.

The video "Equation of Time" by Jeff Grantz, an architectural projection mapping showing the Audemars Piguet Signature movements, is expected to be available for viewing in the next few days.

The Art Inquirer wishes to thank Anna Muesig for her generous collaboration.
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Soap Deli News Blog said...

Great photos! I bet this was fun!