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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend With the Masters Workshop & Conference 2011 (Monterey, California)

Now in its third year, Weekend With the Masters is an internationally renowned art event that offers an enlightening experience through contact with some of the most famous fine artists worldwide.

Presented by the American Artist magazine, this year's edition will take place in the Portola Hotel & Spa at Monterey Bay, California (September 7 through 10, 2011).

During the official four days of the event - Sunday is considered an extra day - several workshops and demonstrations will provide instruction on art techniques approaches to certain themes and subjects. Lectures and panel discussions conducted by the masters themselves will give you insightful ideas for your next art project and even for your artistic career.

A series of special and evening events will take place, starting on Wednesday, September 7, where after the opening reception ((6:30PM-9:30PM), David A. Leffel will kickoff the first official night of Weekend With the Masters by moderating a panel discussion titled “The Objectivity & Subjectivity of Art: Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?”
His panelists include Richard Schmid, Jacob Collins, Rose Frantzen, George Gallo, Daniel Gerhartz, Quang Ho, and a curator from the de Young Museum, in San Francisco.

On September 8, the notable painter and instructor Richard Schmid, keynote speaker at Weekend With the Masters, will conduct a live portrait demonstration of Los Angeles artist Alexey Steele, at the same time engaging in conversation about various topics related to the current and future state of representational art.

Attendants will not want to miss the event on Friday evening, September 9, when Quang Ho and Daniel Sprick will carry a side-by-side painting demonstration of the same model, where both artists will show how they convey their particula interpretion of the same model and depict it using their techniques and artistic approaches, both realistic but different, either resulting in a more expressionistic result or in a tightly controlled contemporary realism influenced by an Old Master-like technique.

On Semptember 10, a special fund-raising silent auction that will include drawings, paintings, DVDs, books, and art materials donated by master instructors, local organizations, and event sponsors—will be donated to the California Art Club’s Mentor Program, which provides opportunities for artist-members under the age of 30 to connect with and learn from their signature members.

Although Weekend With the Masters officially ends on Saturday, September 10, participants will have the opportunity on Sunday (9AM-12PM) to have a painting they created during the event critiqued by one of the instructors and receive individualized feedback.
Scott Burdick, Quang Ho, Susan Lyon, Dan McCaw, and Dan Thompson are the five instructors leading this ending critique.
Twenty seats will be available on each session for those who want to observe but not participate.

The registration for the Weekend With the Masters Workshop & Conference 2011 is available online until the event dates or until the workshops are full, and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
You may consult this page to learn more about participant information and FAQs.

If you are really interested in participating, The Art Inquirer advises you to read everything carefully, take notes and sign up the Weekend With the Masters e-mail updates.

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