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Friday, June 24, 2011

"52 Weeks of Free Art" by Crystal Despain

On November 30th, 2010, the North Colorado based artist Crystal Despain started an art project consisting on doing one painting each week for 52 weeks.

After receiving several messages from people who enjoyed her artwork but could not afford to acquire them, Crystal decided to give the chance to some of these people to own an original work of art, and at the same time making the most of an excellent marketing campaign.

The process to receive a free work of art is pretty straightforward.
You have to send an e-mail with a good photo of the subject (try to avoid using flash and arrange a good contrast between light and shadow) and the story behind it, elaborating on how important is for you to have that subject represented by the artist.

After sending the e-mail, participants must check Crystal Despain's blog until next Saturday, to see if their photo was chosen, and contact the artist.
There's an option to subscribe to e-mail updates on her blog.

Those who are selected will not get the painting right after its completion, since the artist pretends to make an exhibition featuring the 52 paintings and their story counterparts.
After the exhibition period recipients will start receiving their paitings.

You can see the paintings that Crystal has completed until now on her website and learn the details about the "52 Weeks of Free Art" on her blog.
A video about this project is also available on Youtube.

Although this kind of project is not new, the idea of representing a person's cherished subject or story through painting and having a final exhibition is an appreciable fact.
Moreover it demands discipline, perseverance and, of course, financial investment.
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