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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Surreal Visions" by SlowArt Productions

Artists worldwide, with 18 years of age or older, are welcome to enter the "Surreal Visions" competition presented by SlowArt Productions and have the chance to see their work exhibited at the Limner Gallery.

The exhibition will accomodate all forms of surreal and visionary figurative art derivative from the artist's interpretation of the Surreal Visions concept.
All interpreatations will be reviewed and considered.

All forms of art including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation, graphics, digital, video, etc. are eligible.
Entrants should observe the size limits mentioned in the restrictions.

Winning artists will be featured in a group exhibition of near twenty works, at the Limner Gallery, September 3 - October 1, 2011, which will also be displayed on the gallery's website.
One artist will be awarded a two page display in Direct Art Magazine Volume #19, Fall 2012 issue. Two artists will be awarded a single page display.

All works in the show must be for sale. The gallery will take a 30 percent commission on all sales. Sale price is determined by the artist.

Images must be sent in JPG format (1 MB or less in size) via email or web post with direct html link to a dedicated web page.
Videos artists may post on a web page or on YouTube and provide a link to the page.

There is a $35.00 entry fee for one to four artworks entered, with a $5.00 fee for each additional artwork above four. Details of 2D artwork count as an additional artwork. Sculptors may provide one additional view per artwork without cost.
On regular bases shipping costs will be supported by the artists.

Artists will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance no later than July 20, 2011. Results will be posted on or before this date at SlowArt's Results page.

Entry deadline for "Surreal Visions" is June 30, 2011.
More information and an e-mail contact are available in the submission guidelines.
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Shelley (EvenAndy) said...

I am not an artist but I will tweet about the contest. Have a great Monday!

José said...

Thank you Shelley.
Have a nice week.