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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Feenix Art Contest

My Feenix art contest is opened to adults and well as high school students From continental United States, Alaska or Hawaii and offers an award of $10 000 to the winner. The challenge is to depict a character, Feenix, from New York Times best selling Urban Fantasy Novel, Blood Trinity. Three categories of art are accepted, 2-d traditional art, digital art and 3-d art. Each category is limited to 1500 entries. Deadline to enter this contest is July 9th.

This will be a juried competition and all art will initially be judged to choose the finalists. Finallists will then be displayed at live gallery event in Atlanta, Georgia that will be open to the public and covered by the media. During this gallery event the final judging will be done.

Scoring will be based on the following criteria:

• Physical representation closest to the character in the book (10 points)
• Capturing Feenix’s personality (10 points)
• Creative flair (5 points)
• Quality of art (5 points)
• Visually pleasing (3 points)

Judges for this competition are:

Dave Akins
Catherine S. Perry
Wes Sarginson
Alexi Torres
Su Walker
Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly

It is absolutely free to enter, however only one image per person will be allowed.

For more information visit the official My Feenix website, where you can read about the official contest rules and FAQs.

This article was written by the artist and guest writer Armada Volya
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