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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Detroit's new Kunsthalle Detroit Museum

Detroit, Michigan, was internationally recognized during decades as a reference in industry development, with particular focus on the automotive industry.
Unfortunately with the recent economical crisis and subsequent social impact, Detroit had its reputation hurt due to criminal developments.
Nonetheless the majority of its inhabitants deserves to have their once prosperous community back, not only economically but also culturally, and that's where the new Kunsthalle Detroit Museum of Multimedia & Light-Based Art can play a significant role.

Born from the wish of its Founding Director Tate Osten, the Kunsthalle Detroit Museum has the mission to encourage the understanding and appreciation of light-based art, namely by establishing an artistic collection that may be regarded as a worldwide reference on its genre.

Among its plans are workshops, providing workspace, schollarships, and exhibition opportunities, exempt of curatorial bias or commercial constraint, for artists of light-based mediums.

Tate Osten greatly expects the museum to be a leading force in the revitalization of Detroit and a key organization in community outreach programmes.

In the future the Kunsthalle Detroit Museum of Multimedia & Light-Based Art (the second of its kind in the world) is expected to present world renowned exhibitions and become the international leading museum of light-based arts.

As a non-profit organization founded in 2010, the museum is always looking for volunteers to share part of their time and knowledge in several areas, as a way to help the museum with its mission and projects.

Tate Olsten is a contemporary art professional with 15 years of working experience in the fields of film and multimedia. She holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts, a PhD in Creative Writing and Poetry, and also a Professional Certificate in Art Appraisal.
Osten has dedicated part of her career providing fine art consulting and management for numerous corporations and private collectors.

Formerly to her career in contemporary visual arts, Tate Osten worked as a director in the Museum of Dance History in St. Petersburg and as a consultant on international art affairs at St. Petersburg branch of George Soros Art Exchange Initiative.
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1 comment:

Dita Maulani said...

i looove museum! but here in my city there's no art museum. :(
only museum with history of our city and country, but there's botanical garden in Bogor, at least :)