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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cerveira Biennial 2011

The 16th edition of the Cerveira Biennial (Bienal de Cerveira) takes place between July 16 and September 17, 2011 in the North of Portugal, more precisely in Vila Nova de Cerveira.
Established in 1978, it's one of the most important artistic events in Portugal.

The programme includes selected works by artists who entered the Cerveira Biennial's International Contest, guest artists, a tribute to the portuguese sculptor José Rodrigues and an exhibit of his work, 6 curatorial projects, performances, artistic residencies in the form of ateliers/workshops, and debates with the intervention of artists, curators and directors of other international biennials.
Included in the agenda are also guided visits to the exhibitions, creative industries, films, documentaries, concerts and other activities.

With the objective of bringing art to a larger public, the 16th edition expands to the city of Oporto and to Vigo in the Galiza region, Northwest of Spain, near the Portuguese border.

This year's edition of the Cerveira Biennial (Bienal de Cerveira) happens under the theme "Redes 2011" (Networks 2011) and seeks to promote the establishement of dialogues with other international biennials, with the purpose of providing means that will allow worldwide artists and other creative people to develope their work, be it in their country or in a foreign one.

Artists will be offered working conditions, investigation opportunities and facilities for the presentation of their works.
They will also be able to attend panel discussions and debates with artists from several countries on different areas of artistic expression.

For contact information and directions click here.
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