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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Postgraduate Program at European School of Visual Arts (EESI)‏

Since Documenta X (1997), under the direction of Catherine David, that documentary has conquered its place in the field of contemporary art.
This is put in evidence by the inclusion of documentaries at contemporary art festivals and how they can complement each other, offering a more comprising perception.

This postgraduate program is conceived for students in art or cinema, young exhibition curators or art critics who wish to extend their training through a year of experimentation around the interplay of issues between document and contemporary art, without being confined to a single technique or material.

Its diversity allows it to cover areas such as: promoting a collective dimension to work, following through production, producing materials (films, texts, exhibitions, performances), carrying out work on theory and art history, calling for modes of exhibiting, encouraging experimentation, analizing documentary protocol and the issue of archiving, blending knowhow and practice, and drawing on the European dimension by looking at the problems of translation.

The year will conclude with an event: a cycle of projections, exhibition, publication, seminar, conference and meetings whose form will be decided on by each group. An annual publication will expose the activities of the postgraduate program, gathering the artits' works and the contributions of the guest artists.

With the aim of establishing the work of the postgraduates in the fields of art and research, and supporting their work in terms of production, the postgraduate Program "Document and contemporary art" is associated with Le Confort Moderne,concert hall and exhibition center, based in Poitiers. It benefits from the dynamic of exchanges between an art center and an art school. A partnership between CalArts, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia (California) has also been renewed. This postgraduate program is also associated with l'École nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges (France).

The postgraduate students will have use of the school’s technical facilities and a grant of 4000 Euros. The group will be composed of four young artists.
The artists, critics, exhibition curators, and producers linked to the postgraduate diploma projects or artistic affairs, will be present throughout the year.
Two artists will regularly attend and meet the postgraduate students to support their work. Staff from the European School for Visual Arts will also assist the postgraduates in their studies. A seminar will be organized at the end of the year to review the methods applied in the course of the diploma and in artistic research.

Candidates to the Postgraduate Program must hold a recognized diploma, equivalent to level 1 (High School graduation certificates + 5 years of study in higher education) from a national or international institution. After a preliminary selection from the candidate’s artistic dossier, application letter and curriculum vitae, the candidate will be invited to be interviewed by a panel of experts.
The artistic dossier/portfolio should include documentation of the work produced by the candidate (texts, photographs, films, catalogues and articles). For cinematic or audio works, the candidate should select extracts with a maximum of 12 minutes.
The application letter (maximum length 2 pages) must outline the candidate’s career, previous experience and fields of interest for the postgraduate diploma program.

Submission deadline for artistic dossier and application letter is 10th September 2011. The interview will be held on 23th September.

The application must be sent to:

European School of Visual Arts
134 rue de Bordeaux 16000 Angoulême

E-mail :

European School of Visual Arts, or École européenne supérieure de l’image (EESI) is an art school born from the will of the cities of Angoulême and Poitiers to gather resources and create an artistic institute at a regional scale with international exposure.
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